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    Using Airbnb and similar services

    Tips from an Experienced Host

    Take great photos - Hire a photographer and it will show.

    Offer premium treats / snacks / supplies - Including free tooth paste, baked goods, etc may add to your bottom line costs but will be something guests remember when they write your Host review.

    Make it homey but not personal - Many first time Hosts want to include little decorations and personal photos but for the busy traveller (or adults travelling with kids) these can make your space look cluttered at best and at worst a liability that causes stress.

    Automate everything - Time is the biggest expense when offering vacation rentals. Communicating, washing, stocking all take precious time. Email and phone inquiries can be handled by dedicated rental agencies. Door entry can be handled through keyless digital locks like this one by August. Put signs around the unit to make washing towels/bedding easier for you.

    Create a website for your listing - Create a website that is memorable so you can market by word-of-mouth and through direct sales locally. That way you aren't reliant on only the service you hire (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) for promoting your space. For example: www.GigHarborGuest.com is a lot easier to write down or remember than https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/26326412?euid=323f9cc4-3f52-cfe2-34d8-a44407a5c865&guests=1&adults=1.


    Other resources for first time Hosts on Airbnb

    Some of our favorite info from the web:

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